Furry phat pants <3 yea i love them even more 
on the left - goggles a friend made me out of parts she scrapped and leftover fur i had lying around.  2009
on the right - $180 fur trimmed goggles.  
i fucking love fashion sometimes XD 
i had so many of these

Big Obnoxious Uber Sparkle Rainbows Cheesecore Kikwear Mix!!


Rocking out to this mix and planning out the alterations I will soon be making to my new Kikwears. They aren’t actually from the new launch, I don’t think, because they look more like a pair I had almost 10 years ago, with a different color logo than what I’ve been seeing. A friend of mine won them recently however they are a size 40 waist and he has no sewing skills. I, on the otherhand, will not let my relative lack of experience with altering trousers deter me from making something awesome. I’m pretty sure my plan will work tho, I’ve seen the design in action with a different fabric. Best part is this will be virtually no sew! I’m pretty hopeful, obviously.

Tho if anyone at all has any input on altering oversized Kikwears to fit hips that make it into size 10 jeans, please share!

SO STOKED TO BE MAKING SOMETHING, I’ve gone too long without being crafty. If this works, I’m totally wearing them to the Gatesby party coming up, even if it isn’t 1920’s themed. I need more huge pants and kandi in my life, ASAP.

Speaking of which, I kinda wanna do a kandi trade, anyone interested? Cuz that would be boss.

Life is really looking up <3


I feel the happiness so hard here!

Spiked bra and circuit board necklace all available at Night City Market
Just in Time for Halloween:) clear plastic spooky spider top. $45 listing up with the rest of the goodies at Night City #cyberpunk #cyberfashion #cybergoth